How Much Do I Have To Pay For Flight Change With Virgin Atlantic?

Plans are meant to change, especially when you are not confirmed about it. Though, a person with a booking may tangle themselves when it comes to changing the flight. If you want to change your Virgin Atlantic flight, then you must be aware of the Virgin Atlantic change flight and its fee. You can read more about it further.

What is the Flight change policy of Virgin Atlantic?

It is quite obvious that not all the passengers need to pay for the flight change. With the flight change policy, you can learn about the condition when you have to bear charges or not.

  • If you have made changes in the booking within 24 hours of purchasing, you don’t have to pay any fee. However, remember that the same day of departure is not allowed. If you do this, then you need to bear $200 per person.
  • When you are a premium member of the Virgin Atlantic flyer program, you don’t have to choose a particular time. You can opt for a new flight even without any fare difference.
  • In the case of an updated seat, you have to bear the fare difference. So make sure you have made changes within 24 hours of purchasing.
  • If you want to change a flight that covers the USA or Canada region only, you might have to pay slightly more than $200 per ticket.
  • For group booking, where the number of passengers must be more than 9 people, you have to contact the person and get support while changing the flight.
  • If you have rewarded ticket, then you are not allowed to make changes. You have to cancel your previous one for a new flight and then apply for the new tickets.

Now, you can see when you have to pay; however, the Virgin Atlantic customer service number is for you if your condition is different. You can call them and get support for a flight change.

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